Complete guide to trading and investing

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Cryptocurrencies, often shrouded in mystery and speculation, have grown in popularity over the years. Whether you are an experienced investor or a curious newbie, it is important to understand the basics of crypto trading and investing. This comprehensive guide will take you through the crucial steps to navigate the exciting but sometimes confusing world of … Read more

get tokens as a reward for your trade

Le wallet Reunit dévoile son initiative Trade to Earn : obtenez des tokens en récompense de votre trading

The Reunit omni-chain wallet introduces a Trade to Earn system that rewards all users with REUNI tokens when they trade. What rewards are given out? What are the conditions to benefit from it? This article is brought to you in commercial collaboration with Reunited (Learn more) Win REUNI tokens thanks to Trade to … Read more

Trading plan, today’s technical alerts

Trading plan, today's technical alerts

This Wednesday, February 7, Thibault François, co-founder and partner of Fastea Capital, and Matthias Baccino, European Market Director of Trade Republic, answered the question “What to do with Jacquet Métal, which is still around 18 euros?”, in Culture Børs column presented by Julie Cohen-Heurton. The BFM Bourse can be watched or listened to from Monday … Read more

a speculative trading opportunity?

Comment profiter de la volatilité de l’action Atos en Bourse ?

While Atos, the former French IT flagship, is reeling in the stock market in light of its numerous financial difficulties, the volatility of Atos (ATO) stock may bring interesting speculative opportunities for active traders. Since the start of 2024, Atos stock has actually lost almost 60% after suffering many years of losses: – 50% in … Read more

intelligent copy trading, the new weapon for traders

intelligent copy trading, the new weapon for traders

Permission to copy! Bitten stands out in the ranking of the best centralized crypto platforms by constantly offering innovative services to its ever-growing number of users. The house token, BGB, has also surpassed bitcoin (BTC) in 2023 by a growth of more than 200% which took him to new heights. Among the exchange’s flagship products, … Read more

How to explain the annual peak in trading volume?

Crypto : pourquoi le volume de trading atteint maintenant un sommet annuel ?

Industry experts have suggested that this upward trend may be linked to increased interest in spot Bitcoin ETFs (exchange-traded funds). Skyrocketing cryptocurrency trading volume Analysts at blockchain analytics company CryptoRank observed that trading volume on centralized exchanges has increased by 10.4% since December 2023 to reach a 12-month high of over $800 billion in January. … Read more

LN Markets Upgrades Bitcoin Trading with DLC

LN Markets met à niveau le trading Bitcoin avec des DLC

Bitcoin fixes money. Thanks to Bitcoin, anyone in the world can freely transfer money over a peer-to-peer network without having to go through a financial institution. Money that cannot be censored by authorities, devalued by governments, monopolized by corporations or stopped at borders. But when it comes to trading, it is still necessary to go … Read more

Orpea shares on the stock market: Analysis and future predictions

orpea action

The story of Orpea Founded in 1989 talk Doctor Jean-Claude MarianOrpea is a company specializing in creationTHAT development and management of nursing home. Specifically, Orpea offers long-term care services to its patients. Orpea’s logo in Lilas, France. IN 2002Orpea achieved hers IPO allowing it to raise the necessary funds for its development and expansion into … Read more