10-year-old cat no one wanted gets a taste of life’s bliss with moving poem (video)

It all started in February 2021. Harrya 10-year-old feline, arrived at the shelter on RSPCA of Durham after its owner decided to part with it. As the website says ITVthis person was no longer able to take care of it.

Alas, young cats are often preferred to their elders. The animal dressed in white socks saw its congeners leave in the arms of their new “parents”. Visitors simply ignored this poor lovesick cat…

Days and weeks passed, without any request for adoption being made. Harry waiting, again and again, dreaming of the ideal home.

touching words

Saddened by the fate of the old Harry, Sophie Moran Barker, an adoption coordinator, saw a small light bulb go on above her head. Inspired by the story of the senior cat, she took out her pen and wrote a poem.

© RSPCA Cat Rehoming Hub / Facebook (screenshot)

The originality of this text lies in the point of view adopted: the good lady has written down the words of the feline. Words imbued with sadness… I look through the window, they come and go often. Your turn will come Harry, she told me. I’m counting the days “, she wrote in particular.

The moving poem was then shared on social media, hoping to soften as many people as possible.

Wish granted!

The worms that have been circulating on the Internet have affected a resident of Darlington in the heart. Sam Dove was moved to tears upon reading these words. After convincing her husband, who is allergic to cats, to adopt the good old Harry (he started using an antihistamine nasal spray), she visited the tomcat.

Today, the one that has been renamed Bucky lives happy days in a loving home. The 8 months spent at the refuge are a thing of the past; Bucky has managed to move forward and enjoy all the love offered by his humans. They consider him a true member of the family.

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