2022 report for Sorare and projection for 2023

In an article published on 20 December 2022 Mediumthe team off Sorare looks back on a very rich year for this French platform, which has been created over the months one of the key players in NFTs and digital trading cards.

CEO and co-founder of Sorare, Nicholas Julialook in the company’s rearview mirror and see how far we have come.

“When Adrien Montfort and I founded Sorare in 2018, we saw an opportunity to build a fantasy football game leveraging blockchain technology and digital trading cards. […] Four years later, Sorare has grown far beyond our original vision, especially in the last 12 months.”

The article recalls the various steps that Sorare took in 2022:

  • Partnership with Major League Baseball and MLBPA;
  • NBA partnership with National Basketball Association and NBPA;
  • Partnership with sports stars Serena Williams, Lionel Messi, Kylian Mbappé, Zinedine Zidane and Aaron Judge, among others;
  • Creation of the Global Cup 2022 to participate in the most important sporting event in the world;
  • Start the application.

2022 was a true turning point for Sorare. “We revealed two new products and exceeded 3 million usersThe platform emphasizes the importance of the community of leaders who “have been a key partner in helping us iterate and refine new features and products.”

In 2022, Sorare introduced counter offers across all sports.

“This highly requested feature was created to make the market experience more dynamic and robust. We’ve also implemented a price history feature that allows managers to review card prices for players. and specific rarities”.

The article reviews some key figures. That is what we learn the management community (ie registered users) of Sorare “increased by 150%, from 1.2 million to 3 million. It now covers almost every country in the world”.

Also note that Sorare staff increased by 650%, increasing from 20 to more than 150 people. In particular, an office has been opened in New York.

“We are proud of these results, but we still have plenty of room for growth and improvement. As we approach 2023, we are focused on improving our three products, making them more intuitive, more fun and more profitable in terms of rewards. So at the beginning of next year we will launch major features and gameplay updates, as well as an exciting addition to our sports offering,” writes Sorare CEO Nicolas Julia.

2023: busy year

Sorare should not be unemployed in 2023. The platform wants to be even more in line with its formula “Building with the fans and for the fans”.

“We will double our efforts in this direction in 2023”.

To achieve this, Sorare will work on the following points next year: to simplify the product, improve the collection of cards, facilitate the progression of managers or improve the quality of live experiences..

By 2023, Sorare promises to offer managers “more tools to build and organize their collections, and most importantly, we will offer new features and new challenges that will pay tribute to Sorare’s many impressive collectors”.

Improve the app

Among the projects for 2023 will be improving the mobile application.

“To deliver on our mission to unite sports fans around the world around a player-owned gaming experience, we need our product to work seamlessly and in line with how our managers see and use the sport – which is often in real time. To to that end, we are working to improve the mobile app to make the Sorare experience more immersive, engaging and fun.”

Discover the Sorare platform.

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