3 unusual crypto communities to join on Telegram

When it comes to keeping up with crypto news, there’s nothing like social media. Today we want to introduce you to 3 Telegram groups that every self-respecting crypto trader should join immediately.

Wall Street Memes – A wacky community and a meme corner

The first Telegram community is Wall Street Memes. It offers regularly trading memes, cryptocurrencies and finance in general. Wall Street Memes Telegram also allows the platform to expose its project to its investors. In fact, Wall Street Memes is currently offering its token, WSM, to investors.

The presale takes place directly on the official Wall Street Memes website and allows users to plug their wallets toinvest in the token. The ICO has already raised $14.4M in a few weeks, and it seems that the offbeat humor of the platform on Telegram is encouraging even more investors to take an interest in the project.

Binance Signals – Regular Trading Signals

For more experienced traders, it is interesting to join the “Binance Signals” community on Telegram. This is a group that can allow merchants to receive free trading signals daily. The only small originality here is that these are only tokens present on the Binance platform.

From time to time, the Group also publishes analyzes of certain asset performances. Currently, more than 120,000 subscribers is present on Binance signals. Suffice it to say that the principle seems to be very successful with traders.

Bitcoin Bullets – Bitcoin (BTC) trading news

News, analysis, trading signals; Bitcoin Bullets offers comprehensive content for its users. If the other two communities are free, this one has a free page and a paid page. Thus, for a few euros per month, users can gain access to extensive and precise trading content in advance.

Technical and fundamental analyzes are also regularly published alongside tips and methods to better read the price charts.

Bitcoin Bullet because of its name, focuses mainly on bitcoin (BTC). But the knowledge that the community instills can also be applied to other cryptoassets without problems.


Telegram is very convenient to learn about crypto projects, but also to follow the news. The app makes it easy to stay informed easily and with an overview of anything, as long as you follow the right group and community.

In the case of Wall Street Memes, the Telegram group also allows investors to buy WSM in just a few orders. For the other communities that we have seen in this article, they are especially beneficial for people looking for trading signals.


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