a brand new “Fast-good” is opening on Place du Temple Neuf

Today, we are talking to you about the arrival of a new and quite exciting project. Its nickname is Flow Food Family. Inaugurated just a few days ago, a stone’s throw from Place du Temple Neuf, this place, which is open all the time, has many assets to convince Strasbourg residents. Sweet or savory dishes signed by a renowned Alsatian chef, an establishment located in a little exploited place, a neat design and an atmosphere that makes you want to pitch the tent… You have understood it, there are things to say about this summer novelty.

Flow Food Family is the third business of Maxime, the father of Vert Ici and Café Potager, establishments that Strasbourg residents know well. Very recently, with his childhood friend Chef Xavier Jarry, he set himself a new challenge: offer elaborate dishes, with a real gastronomic signature, in a cool place that breaks the codes of great French cuisine. His friend Xavier, then chef of his own restaurant (La Fabrique in Schiltigheim), and who notably worked with the multi-starred chef Anne-Sophie Pic, took up the challenge. Today, the two friends and their collaborators are proud to bring a real novelty to Strasbourg, a simple concept around good dishes available all day.

Flow Food Family, the alliance of coffee shop and fast food in a unique place

We are in the heart of Strasbourg, on a newly renovated Place du Temple Neuf. For the past few weeks, the curious have been stopping in front of the window of this new business with its doors always open: the Flow food Family. In an atmosphere and a visual oriented hip hop (and graffiti by Jaek El Diablo), the teams are busy working on a whole range of sweet and savory sweets. Here, you can sit down to have a coffee, a tea, or a pastry, as well as take the time to send yourself a complete dish or even a brunch which are served all week.

Over the hours, the offers change to satisfy everyone, those in a hurry, and others. Brownies, cookies, freshly squeezed juices, lemonade, marbles, chocolate mousse, fruit salad, there is everything to satisfy the palate of fans of sweet treats, at any time of the day. For the savory, chef Xavier Jarry has also worked hard to develop seasonal dishes that take up the codes of haute cuisine from which he comes, and this through different variants, from sandwiches to salads, including stews. But don’t think that the chef will offer dishes with tweezers: the goal is rather to use his gastronomic know-how in the service of a more contemporary and more upscale fast food.

A gastronomic signature that makes the difference

Friends since childhood, Maxime and Xavier naturally joined forces to create this new culinary identity of their own, one of the real added values ​​of this place. In the kitchen for many years, the chef has worked in big houses and with big names in gastronomy, which of course sharpened his know-how. After opening his own restaurant, he wanted to explore new horizons, so he left everything to adapt his cuisine to a new form of catering, perhaps a little more relaxed.

Today, with his friend Maxime, he has a blast working on dishes full of flavors, accessible and gourmet, and now everyone can enjoy them. At 10 a.m., at noon, at 4 p.m. You can eat with your hands if you want! No more white tablecloths and the rigor of high gastronomy, we relax and enjoy, without smoking our PEL.

The little ones and the big ones +

  • The terrace is coming soon and it’s a real pleasure to be able to enjoy this pretty Place du Temple Neuf which is finally revealed without the cars parked there.
  • All dishes are available all day and to take away (also on all delivery platforms)
  • It is a bright and calm place, perfect for working the day
  • The dishes really have something extra, it changes bland dishes found elsewhere
  • You can eat a starter, main course and dessert from €15
  • The light musical background will appeal to fans of US rap and French rap from the 90s-2000s
  • The room is bigger than it seems, at the back there is a small well hidden room
  • Open every day even on Sunday

Flow Food Family

11 Pl. du Temple Neuf
67000 Strasbourg
06 74 16 76 17
Open 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday to Saturday and 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday
Facebook page
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The website

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