A cat rescued from the streets gives birth to a single kitten, with which she forms a special relationship

Desiree wandered here and there in the streets of Brisbane (eastern Australia), before a good Samaritan picked her up and took her to the vet. The tabby cat was then handed over to the caring hands of volunteers from Best Friends Felinesa local association.

The golden-eyed beauty needed a quiet, comfortable and secure place. And for good reason ! She was about to give birth.

The cat and her kitten have been placed in foster care.

against all odds, Desiree gave birth to one and only kitten, well before the date planned by the volunteers. Definitely, this cat was full of surprises!

Of course, to confirm the absence of other unborn babies, her benefactors requested an ultrasound from the veterinarian.

The newborn, baptized tattooalso amazed the trainers… with its large size!

Subsequently, the adorable duo was entrusted to Aly, who has set up a foster family. Thereby, Desiree and his little treasure on legs will thrive in a caring environment.

A special bond

At home, Desiree took up residence at the foot of a cat tree. She likes to rest there with her offspring and observe the surroundings from her “den”.

From the beginning, the mother and her little one have established a special relationship. ” His love for Tato is boundless “, explained a volunteer to lovemeow.

As the days passed, the tiny ball of fur began to open its eyes and grow. Particularly talkative and curious, she likes to use her youthful voice, then began to explore the surroundings.

As for Desiree, she is very friendly towards the other members of the household. She spends a lot of time with another cat and a dog, but quickly finds tattoo as soon as she hears him meow.

The unique kitten enjoys displays of affection from her beloved mom and loves to get her attention. Desireeas a loving and devoted mother, ensures that the apple of her eye grows in happiness.

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