A cat sneaks into a vending machine

A kitten was found inside a vending machine last week at a Walmart supermarket in Morristown, Tennessee.

It was an employee of the establishment who heard meowing coming from the machine dispensing Pepsi brand products.

Firefighters were immediately dispatched to the scene to try to save the animal.

When they arrived, they heard the kitten meowing, but they were unable to identify the origin of the cries in the machine.

After turning off the power to the machine, the kitten was still “crying” and rescuers continued their search operation.

It took firefighters a few minutes to extricate the cat from the soft drink machine.

Eventually, the kitten hid in a small mouth of the vending machine. He was safe and sound.

At this point, authorities have not been able to determine how the young animal snuck inside the machine.

The branch employee, Lindsey, has decided to adopt the kitten and offer him a place to sleep in peace in the next few days…

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