A couple with 2 children order only 1 meal, the waitress understood the sign, you must know it

On a Saturday when customers pile up enormously, Judith will witness a scene out of the ordinary. She didn’t know it yet, but then she was going to rescue a little girl. At first glance, it was a family like any other, made up of two children and a couple. The latter, however, orders only three dishes: a single menu for children and two meals for adults. Very quickly, unease gradually set in at the table.

A strange family

In her service, Judith encountered all types of clients. She used to serve couples in love, families and businessmen.

That day, it was Saturday, the restaurant was packed. The waitress did not immediately notice the strangeness of the situation. She welcomes them, invites them to sit down and takes their order.
But the more time passes, the more she finds the abnormal behavior of the family. So she decided to follow her instincts.

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An order like no other

The family had only placed an order for three meals. Of these, only a children’s menu was included. The couple’s choice was amazing to her. She thought it was because those kids weren’t eating much. She believed that parents just didn’t want to spoil the food.

However, she noticed something else that she doesn’t see often during her service. These two children were polite and wise. Usually, children never had so much dress at the table.

She will therefore quickly think of the worst. She wonders if the child was deprived of food. Is the child in danger? From there, she began to scrutinize all the actions of these four people.

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One meal for both children

The little boy was playful in the company of the couple. They communicated well and laughed a lot. On the other hand, the little girl did not speak at all at the table. She seemed mute. The waitress wondered if the poor child had grown up in one of those toxic families.

At one point, the little girl even got up, but her father immediately stopped her from going any further. As the family’s orders were finally ready, Judith put the plates on the table. She asks who the children’s menu was for. Unsurprisingly, this one was for the son.

The quest for information

In her quest for information, Judith attempts the map of confusion in hopes of finding clarification. As a meal was missing, she apologizes to the couple for a possible oversight. The father immediately seemed very embarrassed. He replies that his daughter was not hungry. She clearly did not have the same treatment as her brother. A great sadness could be read on the girl’s face. Judith absolutely wanted to help him. So she had to come up with a plan to rescue the little girl. For that, she had to first try to talk to him.

” Do you need help ? »

At a distance, the waitress sketches a message with large signs to communicate with the little girl. In doing so, Judith hides from the couple and slips a paper on the table.

” Do you need help ? was inscribed there. The little girl will gently nod her head to say yes. Judith’s blood freezes in her veins. She puts her colleagues and her boss in the confidence to put her plan into action. This consisted of spilling drinks on the couple. By doing so, they would then get the opportunity to distract the parents enough to keep them away from the table.

An unthinkable twist

The drinks fall on the father. In his anger, he stalks in the direction of the toilets. The girl’s clothes were also spattered. The waitress therefore offers her mother to take her to the bathroom herself. This was the opportunity Judith had been waiting for. But at that moment, the mother grabs the waitress’s arm and says something to her that surprises her a lot: “take her quickly”.

That’s what Judith does. Both arrived at the toilets, she learns that the girl’s name is actually Anna. Some time later, the father was already coming back and now standing in front of the bathroom door.
The moment the man notices that his daughter is not there, he becomes very nervous. Judith therefore had to open the door behind which she was with Anna. Her father immediately takes the little girl to the table. Unfortunately, the couple quickly left the restaurant with the two children.

Since that famous Saturday, Judith is still waiting for the return of this family. But this time, she will do everything to keep the little girl away.

Source: Pexel

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