A dog finds an egg in the wild and decides to take care of it until it hatches

This little dog named Stella obviously has strong maternal instincts. Mammals and birds do not, however, have the habit of creating links. But this time, the baby bird had found its guardian angel.

Erica Laurenzi lives in a large property in the Maine in the state of New England to United States. She is used to walking there for long hours with her dogs.

One day she noticed her dog in the distance Stella with something in its mouth that looked nothing like a canine toy. On closer inspection, it was a relatively large egg and Stella was not at all willing to give it up. Erica still searched for more than an hour for the nest from which the speckled brown egg came. “Amazed that she didn’t break it, we went looking for the nest, in vain”said Erica at The Dodo.

The woman didn’t want to give up on saving him either. So she put the egg warm under her clothes and ran to the pet store to buy an incubator.


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A 25 day wait

During the 25 days of incubation, Stella watched over his little protege whileErica wondered what kind of bird would come out of it. After researching the Internet, she assumed that it probably contained a poult, an animal naturally present on her property.

As soon as the shell split open, Stella never left his post. “The morning it started to hatch, you could tell Stella knew something was up. Then she watched intently all night as he dried and got his bearings”told Erica.


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Thus Stella and Erica became the adoptive mothers of the little turkey. “We plan to keep her on our land in Maine and make her the mascot for our cabin rental project which we will be launching next spring”has explained Erica.

The objective is to return the bird to its natural habitat as soon as it is sufficiently autonomous, while providing it with a secure shelter so that it is not at the mercy of predators. Waiting : “Stella walks in and peeks over the incubator to check on her new friend, exchanging glances and small chirps”concluded the mistress.


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