a dog was locked in a car in the sweltering heat! (video)

An association intervened in Boise, in the State of Idaho, in America, to save the life of a dog in distress. The animal was left in the car by its owner, under a heat of more than 50 degrees!

According to information from KTVB 7, the dog was released in extremis by members of the association on June 28. It was a passerby who alerted the association after seeing the dog in the vehicle. An officer from the Idaho Humane Society attended the scene and got the dog out of the car.

Inside the vehicle, the temperature had reached 51 degrees Celsius. A note was placed on the windshield telling the owner that his dog had been moved to the shelter. The master only returned to his vehicle an hour after the witness called for help. Without this alert, the dog would probably not have made it out alive.


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