a hotel for dogs and cats in Montferrand-le-Château

Some like Delphine will rely on the family to take care of their little ones during the holidays. “The grandparents come from Clermont-Ferrand to pick up our three cats in Besançon, sacred Burmese. They leave with it and will take care of it for a month, ”explains the Bisontine who will enjoy this period of rest with peace of mind. Others will benefit from the help of a neighbor. Many Doubiens are wondering who to entrust their pet to during their holidays this season.

In Montferrand-le-Château, there is a place in the middle of nature, on the edge of a wood and far from any dwelling that offers a temporary refuge for animals. Boarding house for dogs and cats. “An animal hotel”, specifies Clément Trocellier.

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