A keyboard to improve trading? Test and review

Magic Keys is a keyboard that is very popular among traders, allowing them to manage their risk management, automate their trading strategies and maximize their gains and efficiency in the financial markets. Find out in this article what a Magic Key is, the functions of the keyboard as well as its price and the different versions.

Updated on 27/05/2023 at 15:17

magic keys

What are magic keys?

The Magic Keys is a keyboard that comes in one version physical And Virtually and which is widely used by traders. This keyboard is aluminum and is equipped with 28 backlit keys that gives merchants the opportunity to gain time and D’automate certain tasks in their daily life.

magic keys keyboard

This tool is very popular among traders because it allows you to make your trade more Effective and more accurate.

Here are more examples of using the Magic Keys keyboard:

  • Calculation snap And automatic risk for each transaction
  • Reduced time to place orders buyer and seller
  • Set multiple price levels for his profile
  • Set stop loss And take profit with great precision
  • Zoom in And back on the graph
  • Access to statistics based on the performance of its trades
  • Buy Or sell immediately
  • Start up of strategies personalized

Magic Keys keyboard can meet different needs, can be used by all types of dealers and on the market forexof cryptocurrencies and raw material E.g.

This keyboard is compatible with MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5 And cTrader.

magic keys trading platform

What are the features?

The functions of the Magic Keys keyboard are many, here are some examples:

  • Manage the risk level of your trades
    The keys on your Magic Keys keyboard can be set to your liking risk sensitivity and yours Goal and can allow you to calculate automatically size your orders buyer and seller.
  • Automatic order management
    With your Magic Keys keyboard you can easily configure automatic management of your orders of buying and selling. To do this, simply set your break-even point as well as the take-profit thresholds.
    Once the keys have been configured to your liking, simply press them to automate the handling of your orders.
  • Easy trade exit
    This keyboard can also allow you to close orders purchase or sale and move the levels of your stop-losses And take profit very easy.
    By configuring this functionality, you will be able to adjust your orders very quickly according to the market condition.
  • Set trading limits
    This feature allows you to keepovertrading spread shows you clearly when your borders trade for the day is reached.
    The advantage of this feature is that it allows you to protect yourself and not exceed your limits, which can lead to large losses.
  • Statistics
    The Magic Keys keyboard also allows you to get Statistics on your performance in trading as well as to get an overview of what you risk before you make a purchase or sale trade.
magic key functions

Concrete applications

Here are some examples of how to use the keys on the Magic Keys keyboard:

  • OPEN TRADE key
    When you are sure of your price levels and you checked position sizeby pressing this key you can execute your buy or sell order.
    If you have a pending buy or sell order for an asset such as a currency or cryptocurrency and want to open one New deal in the same direction and with the same stop loss and take profile, simply press this key to execute a new trade.
  • SL @intastningsnøglen
    When your trade is in profit, you can by pressing this key automatically move your stop loss at your level admission price. With this feature, losing trades will not be changed.
  • PARTIAL TP button
    This key is used to define more partial surplus income in several price levels. When the defined price levels are reached, a a certain percentage of your position will be automatically closed.
  • The INPUT RISK key
    This key is used to define a adjusted risk level for the next purchase or sale transaction. To use this feature, simply enter a % risk to take based on your goals and habits.
    As you can see, this keyboard and its 28 keys meet the needs diverse and varied and automate its trading strategies.
    This keyboard makes you gain time, improve your risk management and allows you to get numerous Statistics to improve yourself.
magic keys

The different versions: physical and virtual Magic Keys

There are two versions of the Magic Keys keyboard which are:

  1. The physical version
  2. The virtual version

If you normally use a physical keyboard, you can buy the physical version. If you prefer to have a virtual keyboard next to your trading app, you can purchase the virtual version.

The physical version

The Magic Keys keyboard in physical version is at $185 and delivery costs are for free. You can pay in different ways:

  • Bank card
  • Apple Pay
  • ShopPay
  • PayPal
  • Google Pay

To order the keyboard, simply enter your e-mailyour Countryyour name And first name as well as one Delivery address and yours phone number.

Once the order has been validated, the keyboard will be delivered shortly A couple of days.

buy magic keys

The virtual version

The Magic Keys keyboard in virtual version is at $34.90 and is compatible with Windows And macOSwhich is a plus point.

By purchasing this virtual keyboard you get 1 month free subscription for forex trading journal Trixie.

The means of payment are the same as for the physical version, and once the payment is validated, simply download the keyboard to start using it. This will only take a few minutes.

Magic Keys coupon code

If you own one promo codeyou can enter it before validating the payment:

The promotional code can be used to purchase a keyboard in physical and virtual versions.

Advantages and disadvantages of Magic Keys

Here is a list of advantages and disadvantages of Magic Keys

Pros: Magic Keys positive review

  • The keys are backlit
  • 28 keys that allow you to configure many strategies
  • The keyboard is not intrusive and is from quality

Cons: Magic Keys negative review

  • THAT price
  • Asked some setup time to use all keys and functions

Our opinion and that of the users

Our opinion about the Magic Keys keyboards is positive. The physical keyboard is qualitativeof small size And easy to use. The physical or virtual keyboard allows you toautomate your trading strategiesof reduce the risks of its trades and off gain time daily.

The price is high, but the features are numerous, which can justify this high price.

Magic Keys users opinion

Users are satisfied Magic keys, on Magic Keys websitewe find more than 100 reviews and the average rating is 4.8/5.

reviews of magic keys

It is possible to find user reviews such as:

“Unsurprisingly, it’s the best investment I’ve made so far in my trading. It’s so convenient not having to calculate your risk every time. Great thanks to the team !!!!”

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