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To combat food waste, Spain recently approved a bill that would impose fines of up to 60,000 euros on bars and restaurants participating in this food waste.

Every year in Spain, around 1.36 million tons of food are wasted. This represents approximately 31 kilos per person. For Brut, activist Diego Garcia-Vega testifies.

“Food costs them very little because they buy it on a large scale. So for the supermarket, it’s worth throwing away a lot of those carrots, as long as they have a guarantee that they’ll sell some.”

Diego Garcia-Vega is a scientist and activist. For him, the food sector is the one that has the most “big impact on the planet”.

“We throw away 40% of the food we produce, which represents a huge impact and consumption of natural resources, for nothing. It is as if the whole of Russia is covered with cultures and instead of consuming them, they are thrown away.”

Recently, Spain approved a bill aimed at reducing food waste in the country.

With this text, the government will be able to oblige establishments to make public the quantity of food they throw away each year, to offer leftovers to their customers, as well as to make reductions on products which expire soon.

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