a month later he makes a shocking decision

He finds a kitten in a burning dumpster: a month later he makes a shocking decision

In Las Vegas, a kitten rescued by The Animal Foundation shelter in May has recovered. On June 28, he found a forever home.

Alex Reyes is a veterinary assistant at Pet Health Animal Hospital in Las Vegas.

An immolated kitten

He helped the kitten treat his third-degree burns. Savannah had been thrown into a dumpster that was set on fire last May.

The little cat had badly burned ears, tail and pads.

Thanks to donations, The Animal Foundation had enough funds to cover Savannah’s care.

He falls in love with the kitten

He had to watch Savannah closely because the kitten couldn’t eat or breathe without help from caregivers.

Over the weeks, Alex fell in love with the very fighting little feline. He decided to adopt Savannah and wait until she was ready to leave the animal hospital.

On June 28, Savannah was able to discover her new home for life, with one of her rescuers. We wish them the best for the future!

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