A new cetacean observed in the Seine a month after the killer whale: it could be a 10-meter whale

Many testimonies have reported the presence of a cetacean in the estuary of Le Havre, reports this Thursday, June 30 the NGO Sea Shepherd. It would be a whale of ten meters. The animal seems to be in good health, unlike the killer whale which died after spending several days in the Seine.

Barely a month after the episode of the sick killer whale in the Seine, whose suffering and tragic end had moved many French people, reports are multiplying with the NGO Sea Shepherd, which had strongly mobilized the month last to try to save the orca.

We receive many reports on the presence of a cetacean in the estuary of Le Havre which could be a whale in view of the video images that we have received. pic.twitter.com/KhlUIlNh6K

— Sea Shepherd France (@SeaShepherdFran) June 30, 2022

Another cetacean is indeed observed several times in the estuary of Le Havre, prompting Sea Shepherd to communicate this Thursday, June 30 in the evening on its Twitter account, to indicate that the animal could be a whale.

The Seine-Maritime prefecture, which had also been very active in the case of the sick killer whale a month ago, communicated again on June 30 to provide further details on the observations.

He looks healthy

Following consultation with several experts, the prefecture also considers that the cetacean would be a sharp-nosed whale, about ten meters in size. His movements and his movements suggest he is in good health. The animal is the subject of an observation, but the prefecture specifies that if it is about this species, its presence in the estuary does not seem to endanger it.

“It is not uncommon to observe isolated specimens in coastal areas where the animal is able to feed, including in an estuary,” the statement said.

Do not reach fresh water

The animal is in any case closely monitored by Sea Shepherd, as explained this Friday, July 1, Lamya Essemlali, president of the NGO to AFP. “He must not arrive in fresh water, otherwise it would be problematic: his days would be numbered”.

In addition to monitoring the progress of the cetacean, the prefecture indicates that the captaincy of the port of Rouen has taken a notice to navigation to inform all the craft sailing in the area and to issue a ban on approaching less than 100 meters. If it is impossible to respect this rule, there must be a distance of at least 10 meters between the boat and the animal.

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