a new place of celebration and gastronomy

Opening of a new restaurant club Le Bourbon.

Jean Maurice Each/ “SOUTH WEST”

This same desire “to create with our activity an ecosystem around Bordeaux and its region” governs the supply of kitchens.

However, there is no question of making a clean sweep of the past. The new occupants hold on to the identity of the building located in the heart of the Chartrons, and have retained its industrial structure. As for its name, it is none other than that of the street which shelters it. Anchored in its territory, Le Bourbon claims it even in its offer. The wall of bottles of alcohol and spirits like the soft drinks fridges are full of regional brands. In the lair of the two young men, respectively producer and trader in spirits, “the brands of multinationals” have no place.

Local supply

This same desire “to create with our activity an ecosystem around Bordeaux and its region” governs the supply of kitchens. As a place of celebration and conviviality, Le Bourbon is also a restaurant with 130 seats. To be sure, the kitchens, semi-open, have been positioned as soon as you enter the premises and do not fail to attract attention, as the bustle is swarming there. Around the dishes and boards to share, Anthony Daunas and his team from the Hippodrome du Bouscat, are busy offering uninhibited gastronomy. They work locally caught sturgeon, in acras, in tartare, in rillettes, even roasted served in a case of sorrel, when the Chalosse duck is available in duck breast, foie gras, pâté and sausage and alongside a rib Blonde beef (obviously!) from Aquitaine. For the chef who savors having “full latitude in creating the menu which will evolve according to the seasons”, the gustatory pleasure which results from “a rigorous selection of our suppliers” must be accompanied by a “responsible and zero waste”.

Le Bourbon opened on June 24.

Le Bourbon opened on June 24.

Jean Maurice Each / “SOUTH WEST”

Committed and pragmatic, Cédrik and Hugo are nonetheless great dreamers. And because Le Bourbon is “the fulfillment of a dream”, which they intend to share with customers over the nights, the decoration of the place is dreamlike. A mixture of soft and raw materials, bold and powdery colours, Le Bourbon is adorned with midnight blue walls contrasting with cottony fabrics where a filtered light is reflected by a multitude of hanging clouds. But don’t be fooled; the nights promise to be eventful, depending on the artistic program that will be played there.

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