A new restaurant on Place Grenette, we love it!

Benoît Brunel is passionate and enthusiastic, he’s the boss. “I am from Saint-Étienne, I did an IUT, then a work-study degree in commerce. At the time, I specialized in mass distribution”.

At 28, the young man decided to change his life. “Setting up a restaurant is a childhood dream”. Benoît’s eyes shine. “It’s a project that I had in the back of my mind for a long time”. He passed his CAP in cooking and went to take oenology courses, then worked on farms “finally to source the product and see how it worked”. From the opening you will be able to discover a place with a “bistro” spirit, with a cozy side for the interior. As you can imagine, it could be delicious. Yum, to test.

Les Halles Mazerat Biltoki in Saint-Étienne, a useful locomotive for the restaurant

The young man is very happy that the Halles Mazerat are nearby, which gives a boost to trade and a revitalized Place Grenette. “I hope it will also give my new restaurant and other businesses a boost.” Working with all the traders in the area will make communication easier for him. “We will work hand in hand, moreover the relationship between us is excellent”.

“I want to get supplies from the Robert fishmonger, from the Mons cheese dairy and also work with Cuisine sur Court”.

Benoît Brunel, restaurant manager

It was the manager of the Robert fish shop who gave him a helping hand by presenting him with this free space (where Eat Sushi was located) so that the new restaurateur could settle in Place Grenette in Saint-Étienne. “I wanted to create a restaurant in collaboration with local businesses. “I want to get supplies from the Robert fishmonger, from the Mons cheese dairy and also work with Cuisine sur Court”.

The young boss wants to work hand in hand with these merchants who already have experience, a certain notoriety, and who are renowned on the market in Saint-Étienne. “I want to create an emulsion on the square with people I know and appreciate”.

Aid of 16,000 euros to open the restaurant

To build this project, Benoît Brunel went through the CCI for the business plan and the legal part. He obtained a “loan of honor” thanks to “Initiative Loire” of 16,000 euros. In return, the manager hires an employee (cook).

What do we eat there?

From the opening of this new restaurant, you will be able to eat daily specials made with fresh seasonal products, local as much as possible. We will have two to three starters, main courses and desserts. “I’ll go to the market on Place Albert Thomas so that my customers can enjoy the local taste”. We probably won’t have a menu. The dishes will be between 12 and 15 euros, depending on the product worked “because fish is expensive”. We can order pasta “which will be worked in a good way by my chef”. At 42info, we like it.

Another objective for the restaurateur is to offer themes according to the seasons. “I want to do that with local merchants, for example, for the opening of the oyster season and wine tastings. One could imagine raclette evenings in winter with the Mons cheese dairy. »

In Saint-Étienne, there are very few fresh fish restaurants. Here Benoît Brunel, wants to offer a choice of seafood products, always with the Robert fishmonger. Can’t wait for 42info to test this new restaurant.

The Hedonist: 5, place Grenette in Saint-Étienne

Open from Tuesday noon to Saturday noon. And in the evening from Thursday to Friday.

Opening, mid-September, early October 2022.

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