A new site is born in Reunion to exchange services

Tortoise, rabbit, hen, cat, dog, going on vacation is never peaceful when you have to leave your pet behind. Thanks to Pet’s Holiday, offering or searching for one’s services is now as easy as a click.

By IS – Published on Monday 19 December 2022 at 10:27 a.m

Animal care: A new site is born in Reunion to exchange services
Vanina has been training dogs since 2016, and every holiday season many of her clients ask her for advice on finding someone they trust to avoid putting their favorite animal in the kennel. Hence the idea to create a website that connects people who offer day care services, pet sitters and landlords for a fee. Pet’s Holiday was born.

Via the page, it is now possible to find trusted people whose profile has been validated. The guarding takes place at the animal’s home or with the pet sitter, who can also come and pay a visit – generally for cats – or offer walks for dogs.

The exchanges take place directly on the site, which is free. A commission of 4% is taken from the trade if it takes place. Payment is made on the secure Mangopay platform.


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