A newborn kitten looks more and more like a “grandfather”.

A kitten born with a face of a grandfather managed to captivate people who know him not only with his appearance, but also with his enormous will to live.

The small himalayan feline had to be rushed out due to a series of health issues, but what impressed everyone was his grandfatherly appearance. In fact, his name is Grandpa, and while that name might sound strange for a baby, it lives up to his particularly cute little face.

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When his mistress, the young Stephanie Medrano, met her new kitten, she knew the name “Grandpa” was perfect for him. The little white feline’s wrinkled face looked much older than its hours-old body, and its features were worried.

She usually gives her kittens funny names, and when she saw this baby’s face, the first thing she thought of was “Grandpa.” Stephanie is a foster mother who works for Stray Cat Alliance, an animal shelter located in Los Angeles, USA.

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One day she received a call telling her that a newborn feline needed help because it was born with crooked legs and a cleft palate. Apparently the handlers had taken him to the vet, but were told his chances of survival were slim and they were recommended euthanasia.

Her family did not want to accept this reality, so they contacted the shelter, who informed Stephanie and she decided to help. Since then, the woman has been working hard to ensure that this special little kitten thrives well and has a normal life.

Stephanie told Love Meow:

“I agreed to take the kitten the same day. I had him a few hours after he was born”.

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Because of his cleft palate, he had to be fed through a tube all day, every day. After eating and filling his belly, he was placed in an incubator to rest comfortably and fall into a deep sleep.

The woman also started a series of massages and stretching to help correct the deviation of his crooked legs and improve his situation.

Stephanie commented to The Dodo:

“It happens when the tendon is short, so it pulls the leg back rather than forward. I stretch and massage her legs forward several times a day… When she is older, if there is still room for improvement, she will see a specialist for this. »

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Although he has many issues, Grandpa has proven himself to be a true fighter and is full of energy despite having such a small body. He will likely also need surgery to correct his cleft palate so he can eat normally, but so far the kitten is doing well.

In just ten days, Grandpa has doubled in weight, and his fur has become fluffier – a development that makes everyone very happy.

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Stephanie added:

“He started licking himself, yawning and stretching. He is very sweet and sleeps very well. »

Grandpa spends a lot of time sleeping, but that’s normal because he’s just a baby and needs a lot of rest to recover his energy. Although he is still very small, he is gaining strength every day and has proven to be very affectionate. In addition, he loves spending time with the one who takes care of him.

Stephanie added:

“He’s very slow and gentle, he just sits and stares into space. He likes to be combed with a toothbrush”.

The world’s cutest little grandpa-faced kitten will continue to enjoy his new life and get the love he deserves. The wife and two other members from the shelter will continue to support this sweet kitten until they can provide him with the best possible quality of life.

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