A pigeon found more than 6000 km from home

Bob is an excellent racing pigeon who is not afraid of long journeys. Left three weeks ago from the Channel Island of Guernsey, he was supposed to go to Gateshead, in the northeast of England. A journey of 644 km which was to take him all the same 10 hours.

But he didn’t. He was found in Monroeville, Alabama, USA. That is more than 6400 km from its place of departure, says the BBC. Cared for in an animal shelter, the pigeon is doing well, despite losing weight. According to its owner, the 4-year-old bird, worth more than 1,000 francs, probably did not manage to fly all this way. He thinks he must have taken a wrong turn and then landed on a boat with which he crossed the Atlantic. The pigeon was also covered in oil, so may have landed on an oil tanker.

The refuge in Alabama launched a search and, thanks to the strips on the legs of the bird, was able to go back to the North of England Homing Union, which notably helps pigeon fanciers to find their lost pigeon. And indeed, its owner in Guernsey has been identified. The latter was able to see by webcam that it was indeed Bob and he plans to go to Alabama to bring him back. But it is not specified whether the way back will be by plane or by boat, as Bob seems to like the latter means of transport.

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