A pundit of American cuisine reveals his brilliant night snack

Journalist, author, chef, and icon of the American culinary Internet, J. Kenji López-Alt is an inexhaustible source of knowledge when it comes to cooking, culinary techniques option. Kind of Jamy’s This is not rocket science from the kitchen, he has been rolling out for a few days some good facts on the unmentionable secrets of his cupboards. Without any guilt, he admits that he regularly uses fake parmesan cheese, a green box well known to Americans.

Always with precision, J. Kenji López-Alt explains in two examples why he uses this little treasure of the food industry. First, on a slice of New York-style pizza, which by its DNA calls for ingredients well down the front, well off the supermarket shelf. But it’s the second use that makes us smile.

“Late at night in front of the light of my open fridge, I shake some directly in my hand and I lick with my tongue like an anteater”, he shares on his Instagram feed.

Besides the fact that we Stan completely this kind of behavior, we inevitably find ourselves in these little unmentionable nocturnal adventures. We are all equal in front of an old piece of cheese in the fridge, once the moon is up.

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