A restaurant held up by three individuals equipped with a firearm and a machete

End of service last night, a few customers linger while the manager and two servers are busy. When suddenly, three hooded, gloved and armed individuals burst into the restaurant. One of them holds a customer at gunpoint, another has a cutter in his hand and the third, who seems younger than his two acolytes, is busy locating the cash register.

The one who threatens the client puts the barrel of his gun to his temple. The smallest of the three eventually locates the cashier and begins taking tickets. No client or member of staff put up the slightest resistance.

A total of 314.50 euros were stolen and no one was injured. The person in charge of Green you dare points out that the robbers did not appear to be professionals. ” These were novice methods. We didn’t have to deal with highway robbers “. They did not touch tips, liquor bottles, phones, other valuables. They fled on foot once their misdeed had been committed. The action only lasted a few seconds.

The gendarmes were alerted and went to the scene last night.

This is the first time that the restaurant located a few meters from the lagoon has been robbed.

Several individual complaints will be filed. After the shock, the team decided to come to work the day after the incident. The restaurant is therefore open today.

The perpetrators are actively sought. CCTV cameras recorded all the action, which could help investigators in their investigations.

More information in your JIR tomorrow.

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