a restaurant in Sarlat is asked to tidy up its terrace

Last year, with his Thai partner, he opened the As Panoramic in a shoe store that had been closed for a few years, in a strategic location, between Place de la Liberté and Rue de la République, at the corner of rue Victor -Hugo and the Consuls. He chose originality by offering daily specials concocted by himself and Asian dishes from his partner, all year round. Suffice to say that in the sector, they are not legion in winter.

For its opening, the town hall gave him an authorization to occupy the public domain with 6 tables from August 2021. In October, he received his invoice for 525 euros for his 6 m² terrace from August to December, which of course he acquitted. But now, in mid-February 2022, he receives a new letter from the town hall explaining to him that it will not renew his authorization for 2022.

“If we allow it to one, we must allow it to the other”

At the beginning of May, Mayor Jean-Jacques de Peretti told him that he would only be entitled to two standing meals. According to him, it was a “precarious and revocable authorization”. This reversal is motivated by the fact that the authorization had been given “to facilitate installation in an unfavorable context due to the effects of the health crisis”. The mayor puts forward security reasons with the narrowness of the sidewalk, but also “findings of non-compliance with the authorization granted and health rules”.


The boss, holder of a restaurant license, is accused of having served wine to a customer without food, of not having enforced the vaccination pass, the wearing of a mask, of having had an extendable terrace. The mayor did not want to comment on this decision, slipping also that the restaurateur would not be in the nails on a question of building permits. “There’s no reason I don’t have a terrace. If we authorize one, we must authorize the other, ”says Eric Delpech, peeking at his neighbours.

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