a young malinois locked in a car in the sun

This Monday, in the middle of the afternoon, in a van parked in full sun in a parking lot in Barberey-Saint-Sulpice, the cries of a young dog were heard.

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Three anonymous people who were passing by stopped and asked the store reception for a message to be broadcast.

Fortunately for the dog, witnesses were there

Fortunately, these witnesses, in the absence of the owner, managed to get the little Malinois out of the vehicle thanks to an unlocked rear door. In the meantime, the gendarmes, who had been contacted in turn, had begun their investigation. But very quickly, the landlady burst in, the cart full of groceries.

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Never leave an animal alone in a car

Of course, you should NEVER leave an animal alone in a car in direct sunlight. Inside, the temperature can reach 60º in a few minutes, a fatal temperature for the animal.

And as the website of the Ministry of the Interior explains, while waiting for the police, if the situation turns out to be too critical, “You can decide to break a window to help the animal. It is recommended to surround yourself with at least two witnesses who will be able to attest to the good faith if an action by the owner of the car is subsequently brought”.

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