A young man moves into his new home, unaware that it comes with an affectionate kitten.

The sweet story of a house with a kitten inside: Stephen Austin is a Detroit resident who recently moved into his new home. Although he felt very comfortable in his new home, there was something that made him feel very uncomfortable. : each nighthe heard an insistent mewing, without knowing exactly where it came from.

Stephen is a man who loves cats. In fact, he has a couple of adult cats as pets, which is why he wasn’t ready to give up until he found the cause of that mysterious meow.

Stephen and a good friend searched furiously for the kitten, but it wasn’t until a few days later that they discovered a small figure hiding behind some bushes just outside the house. The kitten saw the new occupants of the residence, took his courage in both hands and walked towards them.

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Although he tried to be brave, Deep down, the kitten was very scared. He was alone and shaking with fear, but deep in his heart he needed a little attention, so he was willing to take the risk to get the affection he needed.

A young man moves into his new home, unaware that it comes with an affectionate kitten.

Stephen gently picked up the kitten and placed it on his shoulder to cuddle. He quickly realized that she was a very sweet little girl. As he stroked her, the shy cat began to calm down and even let out a few purrs, as if she knew she was in good hands. After checking the neighborhood, Stephen and his friend concluded that the kitten was probably born to a wandering mother and had somehow lost her family.

As Stephen was still unpacking and settling into his new home, his friend offered to foster the kitten until they were ready to move on. officially welcome him. He took her to the vet, gave her eye drops and flea treatment. Of course, he also received food and the helpless kitten couldn’t have been happier for all the attention.

That night he fell asleep, feeling content, safe, and loved. This isn’t the first time Stephen has encountered a kitten in this condition. Fifteen years ago, he had a very similar experience with another cat and, just like on this occasion, he did not hesitate to open the doors of his house and his heart to her. He didn’t expect his new home to come with a little kitten, and he’s glad he chose them to be his family.

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