Abandoned by its mother, this kitten changed color before the eyes of its rescuers (Video)

Abandoned by its mother, this kitten changed color before the eyes of its rescuers (Video)

Emilie Rackovan first met Fievel when he was only 2 days old.

Fievel was a small kitten the size of a mouse at the time and fit in the palm of his hand.

The Sole Survivor

Fievel was the only one of his siblings to survive after his mother, a feral cat, gave birth prematurely and failed to care for her kittens.

Fievel was so small that during the first week with his adoptive mother, he could not drink from a bottle.

Emilie knew it would be an uphill battle for the kitten to grow into a healthy cat. But she already saw that he would be a small fighter.

Emilie therefore fed him by hand every hour, which was a very intense pace.

She presents the kitten to another cat

Luckily, Emilie was also fostering a cat and babies around Fievel’s age.

She introduced Fievel to Persephone (the mother cat) and her babies, and the cat immediately adopted her.

Upon joining the cat family, Fievel quickly began to grow and change.

A spectacular transformation

Watching him grow, Emilie assumed he would turn into a gray and white kitten, but when Fievel was about a month old, he made an incredible transformation.

His coat changed from gray to jet black. Finally, the little kitten now has a real black tuxedo with white paws!

Fievel gets along well with all other foster animals, but he has a special bond with the people he meets. He purrs the second he sees a human enter the room!

He can’t wait to find his future family and we wish him great adventures!

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