Abandoned in a shed, the Greyhounds hope to escape their captivity and never be alone again

Synonymous with fun for many, the year-end celebrations can be more difficult for others, isolated and lost. Fortunately, the “magic of Christmas” happens to warm the hearts of wounded souls, even for the most neglected pooches.

Eve, dasher as well as their two canine friends Angel and tinsel lived in captivity in a shed. They were neglected, used as vulgar hunting instruments. Subway indicates that 4 days before Christmas 2019, the 4th Salukis was discovered after a report. They were cared for by the animal shelter RSPCA Southridge Animal Centre and treated for intestinal problems, as well as for their thinness.

A shelter volunteer Cathy Wardwitnesses: The four dogs were really nervous when they arrived and didn’t seem to have had much human interaction in their lives. “. She adds, however, that they quickly regained their strength.

Quickly, Angel and tinsel was adopted while the cases dragged on Eve and dasher. The association’s members explained this with the 2 dogs’ fearful behavior towards people, as well as with deafnessEve.

However, it was only a matter of months before they too had the right to happiness.

A favorite

Kelly Coupland and Scott Marshall fell in love with the duo of Greyhounds. Even have one named Biscuitand unfortunately just lost their second, fawn. It is therefore quite natural that they fell in love Eve and dasher : ” Salukis have so much smarts and character. They want to be the center of the universe and I love that so I knew I wanted a dog with a bit of Saluki in them and then we spotted Evie and Dasher ” Explain Kelly.

And the family will officially adopt their new companions on June 8, 2020!

Rebuild a new life

The dogs gradually get used to their new surroundings. Kelly report: ” Evie likes to be with someone most of the time so she likes to sit on the sofa with me. Dasher is a little more shy. He can sometimes be afraid of his shadow but he is getting better and when he gets excited he can’t keep his paws still and dances “.

To communicate with Eve, the household uses hand signals and is careful not to startle it. On his side, dasher is more and more confident. The couple regularly take the 2 for walks in the countryside to take them away from the stress of the city. They even had the privilege of going to the beach!

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The sad story of Christmas des 4 Lévriers finally ended in love and tenderness. Kelly will say: ” I am really happy that they have finally had a Christmas in their forever home and are spoiled “. She also holds a thought for all those who do not know this chance.

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