“About”, the evening podcast of November 22: Elon Musk and Twitter, supermarkets and sustainability…

Reading time: 2 mins

Twitter has reactivated the account of former President of the United States Donald Trump, banned after the storming of the Capitol last January. This forced exile had irritated Elon Musk and weighed in his decision to buy the blue bird. Since he took over, departures have multiplied at Twitter, with massive and brutal layoffs, advertisers deserting the platform… How did the billionaire plunge Twitter into chaos? Philippe Laloux covers new media with us. We plunge into the storm with him.

Less packaging and greener food on supermarket shelves… Large-scale distribution boasts of its efforts for food that is more respectful of the environment. But is it really enough for the planet? Do supermarkets live up to consumer expectations, when food accounts for almost a third of our ecological footprint? For the first time, a study analyzes the efforts of supermarkets to make our plate greener. Julien Bosseler covers consumption for the economy department. He broke down this study for us.

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