According to a new survey, half of pet owners say they would leave their partner for this reason.

But you may not realize that something else could be playing a role in the fate of your relationship. A new study reveals that our animal companions play such an important role in our lives that they may even be the deciding factor in our decision to stay with or leave a romantic partner. Read on to find out why half of pet owners say they would break up with their partner.

Many people admit that they love their pets more than their partner

We usually call our other half our ” better half“, but for some it may not be considered as such. It turns out that 81% of American adults between 27 and 42 admitted to loving their pets more than some family members, according to the American Pet Products Association’s Pet Ownership Survey (APPA). And while siblings and mothers are the family members who lose the most to these furry friends, romantic partners are not spared either. The survey found that 30% of respondents said their spouse always comes after their pet.

A new study has found that the bond between an owner and their pet is so strong that many people are willing to break up with their partner because of it.

Half of pet owners would leave their partner for this reason alone

For those who come second, simply accepting that their partner loves their animal more may not be enough. You may also need to adjust to how the animal in question is treated in the household.

In July 2022, home services marketplace Angi surveyed 1,000 US pet owners to gather data for a study on “ the way they look after their animals and live with them. All respondents had at least one pet, with almost 50% owning dogs, around 15% cats and around 36% owning both dogs and cats.

According to the survey, pet parents prioritize their four-legged friends » on their partner romantic. In fact, 49.9% said they would break up with a significant other if they didn’t accept the way their pet was treated in their household. This includes ” animal care philosophies“, like whether or not you should allow animals to sleep on your bed or furniture. Meanwhile, the other 50.1% of respondents simply said they would consider making a few changes to their pet parenting style before ending a relationship.

Most pet owners allow their pets to sleep on their bed and other furniture

Most pet owners go the extra mile to keep their pets comfortable, even if you don’t agree with their choices. After all, when it comes down to it, nearly 73% of pet owners said they’d rather stay home with their furry friends than go out with their human friends, according to Angi’s survey.

The study’s authors also found that 51% of pet parents rated their pet’s comfort in the home as extremely important, and 87.8% of them said they considered their animal’s happiness when looking for a house or apartment. ” With pets taking priority over a night out with friends and sometimes a relationship, it’s no surprise that pet parents go to great lengths to make sure their pets are comfortable.“, said the experts from Angi.

If we take a closer look at the preferences of pet owners, it becomes clear that our animals are often treated as family members. The survey found that 77.6% of participants allow their pets to sleep with them in their bed, and nearly 85% allow them to lie on the sofa or in a chair during naps.

People are protective of their pets, experts say

For people who don’t own pets, it can seem drastic for someone to want to dump their mate or partners over a disagreement about how an animal should be treated. But as Haley Riddle explains, owners generally see their pets as “ companion and the constant of their lives when they are not dating.

It can create a sense of protection for their pets, including how they should be treated“, explains Haley Riddle. ” When starting a new romantic relationship, it can cause problems in the relationship if the new partner is unable to accept the animal and their bond for who they are. »

But most experts caution against letting this protection prevent you from seeing your partner’s point of view. ” I would not recommend breaking up as a solution to different attitudes towards treatments or styles of pet ownership. It is usually possible to talk about it, to communicate and justify the other’s ideas, practices and opinions“says Liam Barnett, dating expert and relationship coach.” But when none of that works, then a breakup would definitely be the only option for that relationship.“.

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