advice from a French champion for successful grilling

In Alexandre Hurson’s garden, on the shores of Lac du Der (Haute-Marne), a small vegetable garden where he collects his aromatic herbs, but above all its plancha, its charcoal barbecue and its gas barbecue. This outdoor cooking enthusiast, crowned French champion between 2013 and 2016, cooks outdoors in winter and summer, from starters to desserts.

“It’s very authentic. Let’s not forget that this is the first cooking method of prehistoric men, my Cro-Magnon chromosome must be more developed than the others”, smiles this 46-year-old father, who works for the French army. Alexandre perfectly masters all the cooking tricks, which method to use to cook such food. And he is proud to buy his coal in the short chain, from a manufacturer in the neighboring department of Aube.

Alexandre Hurson never wanted to take advantage of his notoriety to make barbecue cooking his job. “It must remain a passionI want to continue to have the little stars in my eyes when I light my barbecue”, he pleads.

And the 40-year-old is so “mad about barbecues” that he has just refurbished an old 2CV: the rear of the car can be completely opened, and leaves room for an installation of several barbecues, cutting boards, and even a fuel tank. water. What, cooking outdoors and roaming.

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