After laying off half of the workforce, Elon Musk announces that Twitter is on the verge of bankruptcy

Just two weeks after its acquisition, Elon Musk informs Twitter employees of a risk of bankruptcy of the platform. According to the Bloomberg press agency, the multi-billionaire has told them that they must prepare for 80-hour work weeks but also that they will have to do without the company canteen and give up teleworking. “If you don’t want that, your resignation is accepted”he would have told them, adding: “We all need to be more hardcore. »

With that, Twitter’s IT security manager, Lea Kissner, announced her resignation from the bluebird company. Privacy Officer Damien Kieran, Compliance Officer Marianne Fogarty and Team Lead Yoel Roth “confidence and security”followed.

As a reminder, Elon Musk recently introduced a new blue badge system for “increase Twitter revenue”. For $8, anyone can now “to be certified” without identity verification. This new system – replacing the old method that allowed users to have their identity verified for free – showed its perverse effects very quickly. Users have had fun creating fake ‘certified’ accounts to parody brands and celebrities. A prankster notably caused $ 16 billion in market value to be lost to Eli Lilly and company in a single tweet, the time for the pharmaceutical company to react to set the record straight. Twitter was forced to suspend use of the new blue badge option last weekend “to solve problems of usurpation”.

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has issued a warning that it “Following developments at Twitter with deep concern”.

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