After ten years of service, this famous restaurant on Place du Pin in Nice has closed its doors

Déli Bo rhymes with morning coffee for Marc. After his nights on duty, this firefighter is used to sharing a moment with his colleagues in this restaurant ten minutes from the barracks. For the final closing, this Saturday, he came to taste the dish of the day: soft-boiled egg ratatouille. Around him, all the tables are taken, the restaurant is full. As usual. Like Marc, regulars came to say goodbye to this institution at the corner of rue Bonaparte and rue Boyer.

“A forerunner”

“I’m gonna miss that watermelon juice”, regrets Dominique, in front of his empty glass. A retired Parisian journalist, she saw the port district evolve before settling there. Rue Bonaparte reminds him of the Marais district in Paris, for its bobo restaurants and gay bars. A place in which the Déli Bo, “a restaurant is very warm”has its place according to her.

Two tables further, Camille, Nathalie and Philippe are waiting for their meals. This family knows the boss, Pascal Ciamos, well. Philippe has been his friend for over 30 years: “I have followed it since its inception, it changes projects every ten years. Le Déli Bo is one of the first restaurants on rue Bonaparte. A precursor who paved the way for this atmosphere around the Place du Pin that the we know today.” “Customers will regret their bagels”he believes.

Leaving on “a success”

The sale of the restaurant surprised more than one because the establishment was a success. And this, since the opening, in 2012. The owners, Élise and Pascal Ciamos, put down their suitcases in this “village within the city” at the time when “no one passed by”. The restorer regrets the past, “today the street has become too noisy.” So Pascal Ciamos wants to find new inspiration by traveling abroad.

In a moved and festive atmosphere, he entrusts: “I want to end the adventure with a success.”

And customers feel it. For Nathalie, this place is special: “It’s the first place I came to after the first lockdown. I find it comforting.” Her favorite pastry: Paris-Nice, a revisited Paris-Brest.

For the greediest, the brand keeps its two pastry shops open. Takeaway meals, the construction of a terrace in front of one of the shops, the ideas swarm in the heads of the owners. While waiting for the birth of a new project, they will rest. “A well deserved break”how Philip.


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