after the hailstorm in the Dordogne, she had to euthanize her horse

Nil has been his pride and happiness for fifteen years. “He had an extraordinary pedigree. He was playful, funny, respectful, ”insists the one who has been raising horses for forty years. “The storm came so fast. When the hail stopped, I went out. It was dark, I heard nothing. All my fences were on the ground and the horses, which had taken fright, were gone. »

Sentimental trauma

“We found four quickly. Nil was on the side of the road. He must have slipped on the falling hailballs. I looked him in the eyes, he didn’t want to move. The vet came very quickly. His shoulder and hip were broken beyond repair. We put him to sleep, then he left. We found the last horses at 7 a.m., ”recounts, still very moved more than ten days later, the breeder. She adds: “What haunts me is not understanding what could have happened. »

Nil was a stallion with a recognized pedigree.

Nancy de Saegher

For days, Nancy struggled to talk about this sentimental trauma, which is also a financial loss. “It was a cash flow. People had already paid studs in the next few weeks. »

From now on, the Périgourdine takes time for her other horses. “Physically and psychologically, they are starting to get better. It’s hard but I’m not the only one in this case, ”insists the resident of La Roche-Chalais, who also lost her six hens in the storm.

The horses still bear the marks of the evening.

The horses still bear the marks of the evening.


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