After their mother disappeared, 15 ducklings were adopted by an adorable Labrador

It is well known: the Labrador is an affectionate and sociable dog with other animals. Fred is no exception to the rule. His passion ? Caring for orphaned ducklings. Indeed, the doggie has become the surrogate father of a dozen baby ducks.

Fred is the superstar of Mountfitchet Castle, a fortified castle located in the county of Essex (England). The reason ? The 15-year-old dog has just adopted a sibling of 15 orphan ducklings.

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A heart-warming relationship

And the least we can say is that the Labrador takes his role as surrogate father very seriously. According to the owner of the animal, Jeremy Goldsmith, the mother of the little ducks mysteriously disappeared from the domain during the night of Monday July 4th.

Faced with this situation, the quadruped with beige coat decided to take care of the chicks, as this series of photos posted on Facebook demonstrates. One thing is certain: the canine is a real father hen.

Photo credit: Mountfitchet Castle / Facebook

Photo credit: Mountfitchet Castle / Facebook

Indeed, the dog shows tenderness and kindness towards his new friends. For their part, the ducklings do not hesitate to snuggle up to their guardian angel. A moving painting that reminds us that dogs are extraordinary animals.

Photo credit: Mountfitchet Castle / Facebook

An experienced dad

This isn’t the first time Fred has taken a brood of ducklings under his wing. In 2018, he collected nine small waterfowl that had lost their mothers. A year later, he once again took on the role of surrogate dad for another group of baby ducks.

Photo credit: Mountfitchet Castle / Facebook

Photo credit: Mountfitchet Castle / Facebook

“Fred spent a lot of time at the castle with the other animals. It has become second nature for him to spend time with them.Jeremy Goldsmith told SWNS.

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