Ain. They are launching a kitty to save their puppy Jumpy

Coming from a litter of ten puppies born on May 30, Jumpy is growing much slower than his brothers and sisters. Indeed, a suspicion of an esophageal crop alerted veterinarians. In the end, an x-ray did indeed reveal a malformation there.

This vascular anomaly prevents Jumpy from eating, he regurgitates most of his meals. Due to this, the little dog does not grow, his brothers and sisters are even three times heavier than him. However, this breed is known to be strong.

Hope for its owners

The next few days will be decisive for the future of the little dog. For Laurane and her mother, nothing is lost yet, surgery should save him. “He’s a dog who had a little trouble suckling and he wasn’t putting on weight compared to his brothers and sisters. He vomited everything he ate. We thought there was a problem. Even if he remains very dynamic, he lost 100 grams at the start of the week in the space of two days,” says Laurane.

For Candice Cloix, veterinarian at the Clinique du Clair Matin in Bourg-en-Bresse, she admits that “this problem is very rare in puppies like Jumpy”. Following this visit, Laurane continues to take care of Jumpy day and night.

The news was rather reassuring this Friday morning: “It was not won at all, nobody believed it. He has a malformation in his esophagus, there’s a place where it’s narrowed more. So I went to Saint-Priest because there is a specialist. I was told that it was probably operable, ”she concedes.

Surgery to save him

To allow Jumpy to find the taste of life, the operation is inevitable. The costs represent a significant budget for its owners.

“In total, there is at least €3,000. Endoscopy and CT scan cost €400 and €490. The operation is estimated at 2000 euros for a rather average range, ”concludes Laurane.

To save Jumpy, a Leetchi kitty is online. Each donation is a significant boost for Jumpy and his family.

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