AltSignal Presale Raises Over $1 Million

  • AltSignal’s pre-sale has surpassed $1 million in sales as excitement around its AI-powered trading signal service rages.

  • JPMorgan’s survey highlights growing interest among traders in AI-powered trading.

  • $ASI is a good option during the presale, as the IPO can give rise to price increases.

AltSignals (ASI) caused a stir during pre-sale, investors seeking a share of their AI-based trading signal platform by purchasing the token. With nearly 93% of tokens sold, the AltSignals team raised over $1 million to realize their dream of an AI-powered trading platform. This can be a great opportunity for new investors to join the trading signal service, which has gathered over 52,000 members on Telegram since its inception in 2017 in the UK.

Why has AltSignals generated so much interest?

AltSignals has been a very successful trading signal service. Thousands of traders use the service, with signals averaging 64% accuracy. Much of the credit for its success has been attributed to its experienced team and the AltAlgo™ software used to generate the signals. AltSignals has collectively generated over $2.2 million in revenue through trading. With growth and demand for their service, analysts believe that Altsignals can benefit immensely from artificial intelligence.

$ASI Token Presale welcomes a new era of trading signal generation for AltSignals. The company will launch an AI-powered trading signal service platform called ActualizeAI. The blockchain-based platform will be powered by the $ASI token and is expected to increase the quality of signals generated by AltSignals. The service incorporates predictive modeling, machine learning, natural language processing and sentiment analysis. Its highly successful pre-sale underscores investors’ belief that artificial intelligence will be central to the growth of an already successful trading signal service.

AI trading will dominate trading in 3 years – JPMorgan Survey

Traders are betting that AI will dominate the future of financial markets trading, according to a new study from JPMorgan. The survey, which included 835 professional and institutional traders, revealed increased automation and adoption of artificial intelligence in trading.

The study states that AI has become popular since the release of ChatGPT, with investors increasingly curious about what AI can do in business. Strategists predict the dominance of technology in commerce over the next three years. This puts proprietary platforms like AltSignals and its AI platform ActualizeAI in pole position to grow.

In addition to trading signals, ActualizeAI offers new ways to earn

The benefits of ActualizeAI are not just about trading signals. Investors can earn in a variety of ways, including the ability to participate in trading contests and be rewarded by holding $ASI tokens. It can also help traders sharpen their trading skills.

$ASI holders also have access to the members club. They earn more tokens by contributing ideas and providing feedback on ActualizeAI projects. There are also exclusive sales opportunities for traders in the future.

Most excitingly, traders can vote on issues affecting ActualizeAI using their tokens. As such, AltSignals will be a community-driven platform that gives its members a voice on topics that matter to them.

Should you buy $ASI tokens during the presale?

Investments can be made at any time, including when the newly minted tokens are listed on the exchange. It depends on the value an investor sees in investing in a particular instrument. However, there is an advantage to buying tokens during their presale.

One is the advantage of getting access to the platform before others. As for AltSignals, investors who buy the token during the presale can get access to ActualizeAI soon enough. This means exclusive access to other pre-sale and market opportunities.

The other advantage is of course buying a token at a low price. Presale tokens have a limited demand as they are not available on exchanges. This means that the price is still low and buying at this time offers a chance to create value from the appreciation. The tokens increased in value up to 10 times from the pre-sale price. As the $ASI Stage 1 presale is nearing its end, it may be a good time to invest before the price increases.

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