AltSignal’s Presale Stage 2 is quickly passing the 50% mark

  • Phase 2 of AltSignal’s pre-sale is 50% sold out.

  • Demand for the token has been fueled by a proprietary trading service and the AI ​​craze.

  • The $ASI token may reach $0.1 in 2024 as more investors join ActualizeAI.

Only a few days after a phase 1 of pre-sale successful, investors are back on AltSignals ($ASI) in the second phase. Phase 2 of the presale raised more than $1.15 million, representing approximately 51.12% of the tokens. The pace at which the pre-sale is passing its stages highlights the strong investor interest in the trading signal service token, despite a small price increase to $0.01875 in the second stage.

AltSignals’ AI, an exciting angle for investors

AI has almost been a buzzword in 2023, with analysts predicting it will be a game-changer for many industries. The launch of ChatGPT in late 2022 sparked excitement as excitement also gripped the cryptocurrency and stock markets.

In the world of trading, AI has been heralded as a game-changer as it helps machine learning, predictive modeling and sentiment analysis to generate high-quality trading signals. AltSignals harnesses the power of AI to optimize trading results. The trading signal service has already used a very efficient algorithm to generate signals for its over 52,000 traders.

Called AltAlgo™, the algorithm produced over 3,782 trading signals with an average accuracy of 64%. Due to the rise of AI applications, AltSignals wants to be a game changer and make its platform a go-to place for new and experienced traders in the stock, Forex, cryptocurrency and CFD markets.

What is the value of AltSignal’s trading service?

AltSignals’ AI-powered trading service will be dubbed ActualizeAI. The team sees ActualizeAI as the ideal iteration to expand the scope of covered trading instruments and increase signal accuracy. Investors will become members of ActualizeAI by purchasing $ASI tokens, the token that will power the ecosystem and become a medium of exchange for value.

One of the benefits of owning $ASI tokens is the access it provides to quality trading signals provided by the AltSignals team. With the early success of AltSignals, since its inception in 2017, there has been great excitement that the AI ​​service will increase investor revenue. Investors are also benefiting from the appreciation of $ASI tokens as the AI-powered trading service continues to grow in popularity.

Members of ActualizeAI learn trading-related skills by participating in tournaments and competitions on the platform. They can also accumulate $ASI tokens by winning contests against other traders.

Other public services offered by ASI include participation in community governance, giving token holders decision-making power in the affairs of the platform. There are also exclusive pre-sale opportunities and access to AI-powered products for ActualizeAI members.

Will $ASI token reach $0.1 in 2023?

$ASI is a token with great potential, given that AltSignals exists and has organically built a community of trusted traders. Along with the growing popularity of AI, the potential for the token to rise to $0.1 is strong.

However, a prediction of $0.1 in 2023 seems overly optimistic, as it means the price has to increase by 1000%. Given that the token will begin trading in the third quarter, investors should expect significant price increases with a more likely triple-digit percentage prediction.

As expected, a 1000% increase is likely in 2024. This is where all the development activity for ActualizeAI will have taken place, opening the doors to more investors.

Should you buy $ASI tokens this week?

$ASI is in its second pre-sale phase and the price is increasing with each phase. With less than 50% tokens left to complete phase 2 of the presale and the price rising, now may be a good time to buy the token.

Additionally, the $ASI token is expected to appear on Uniswap in Q3. This listing on the exchange means that the token will be open to more investors, giving it a chance to skyrocket. This means that a purchase now represents a better opportunity for investors, as the value of the token is still low.

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