An elected official from Paris prefers to speak of Norway rats rather than “rats” to be less negative

Some elected officials of the City of Paris definitely have a few rats in their heads. While the proliferation of these rodents in the capital is a scourge that is still difficult to curb, Paul Hatte, opposition councilor in the capital, brought the issue to the Council of Paris this Friday, July 8. “We observe the presence of rats in the common areas” of several social housing units, reported the right-wing elected representative of the 17th arrondissement, pointing “the concerns of the inhabitants” facing the phenomenon.

In response to this inquiry, the elected official of the 18th arrondissement in charge of animal welfare, Douchka Markovic, first wanted to make a somewhat surprising clarification in terms of lexicon. “There are rats in Paris that I prefer to call Norway rats, with less negative connotations” she first replied in the introduction. While the environmental adviser does not deny the extent of the problem, she does, however, want to sweep away any method aimed at lethally eradicating rats from the capital, stressing that “the actions carried out so far do not work and are very costly” she asserted.

Faced with this observation, if the elected of the majority of Anne Hidalgo recommends a cleaning – often leaving something to be desired – reinforced of the public highway, she also recommends… “ the plugging of holes allowing Norway rats to go up into buildings or the installation of grids in certain places”. Because Douchka Markovic is categorical: “The Norway rats will always be present in Paris whatever we do”. The councilor of the 18th even goes so far as to praise the “row rats”, which she readily qualifies as“waste control auxiliaries”claiming that they play a role ” important “ in draining pipes. An ode to these city rodents, on the verge of being hired in the cleanliness department of the Paris town hall. Scavengers will appreciate.

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In mid-June, the city’s garbage truck drivers were also on strike, disrupting the collection of household waste in several districts of the capital. Dump truck drivers were demanding better pay in a context of inflation and a “specific status, such as that granted to their fellow garbage collectors, and the end of a dispute over vehicle washing procedures”said the CGT-FTDNEEA union in a press release.

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