an electric sedan to chase the Tesla Model 3

VW is finally attacking the queen category, that of sedans. Its electric version of the Passat, the probable ID.7 has just been unveiled. Launch planned for 2023.

It’s been a few days now that VW no longer kept its intention to launch the big maneuvers a secret. After its electric compact (ID.3), its two SUVs (ID.4 and ID.5) and even an electric van (ID.Buzz), the world’s No. electric sedans. Its model, the ID.Aero is only at the concept stage for the moment, but it is to be stored in the very realistic style studies and should only move a little until the arrival of its version of series next year. Indeed, the ID.Aero, a kind of electric Passat, will be officially launched in 2023 with one goal in mind: to shake Tesla and its Model 3.

The German group had been working on its electric sedan for several years. The ID.Vizzion concept, unveiled in 2018, was the first step in a reflection that has continued until today, but which should hardly evolve until its commercialization
In fact, both in terms of design and technical characteristics, VW’s first sedan is already well documented. Aesthetically, it cannot deny its proximity to other IDs. Chrome roof arches, receding roof line, minimalist front face (where the majority of competitors opt for increasingly imposing grilles), these few elements have already been seen on the ID.3 or the ID. 5.

Tesla, the scarecrow of the sedan category

Under the hood, it is obviously the MEB platform that is at work, the same that has been used for almost all of the VW group’s electric vehicles (at Skoda, Seat, Audi or even Porsche). But it is at the service of a car that has been particularly well studied from an aerodynamic point of view with an exemplary Cd of only 0.23.
As a result, the 77 kWh battery pack, widely used on the ID.3, 4 or 5, shows much better performance on the ID.Aero. Indeed, the future sedan claims some 600 km of autonomy (620 precisely).

Volkswagen has not yet revealed the engines that will be offered on this electric version of the Passat. On the other hand, its marketing strategy no longer holds any secrets.
The ID.Aero will first be launched on the Chinese market, its main target, in the second half of 2023. Europe will be served shortly after, and the Aero will most likely be renamed ID.7 for the occasion.
As for the price, it has not yet been revealed, but if Volkswagen wants to have a chance to go after Tesla, it will undoubtedly have to be more inspired than on its last launches.

The Model 3 is, without question, the queen of this category. It benefits, in addition to recognized technical qualities and a certain level of performance, from a rather attractive price (even when it is no longer eligible for the full rate ecological bonus). If the ID.7 wants to challenge this hegemony, it will necessarily have to make an effort on its price.

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