An enemy of Elon Musk, George Hotz, has just been recruited by … Twitter

Elon Musk may have fired thousands of people from Twitter, but he still needs a certain number of employees to continue running the social network. In a true example ofdesperate situation calls for desperate measures”, the billionaire seems to have turned to hiring new people after many Twitter employees chose to leave or were made redundant. This time around, the choice of a new employee is interesting, as this cybersecurity expert is someone Musk is definitely not a fan of.

First of all, it should be noted that Twitter’s situation has been rather grim since Elon Musk bought the company for the astronomical sum of $44 billion. Entire departments of Twitter have been shut down, including the PR department, which means Twitter doesn’t even have a social media representative right now, other than the CEO himself. Musk often takes to his own Twitter page to report new developments or to laugh at the barrage of criticism he and Twitter have faced since the acquisition deal closed in late October 2022.

After cutting entire departments and laying off a few thousand people without notice, Musk announced that Twitter 2.0 would require remaining employees to be more “hardcore”. He issued an ultimatum to his staff: either pledge to work long hours and sacrifice work-life balance, or resign with three months of severance pay. Reportedly, 1,200 people took the hint and left the company after that. Twitter therefore has only 2,300 employees, compared to 7,500 Business Insider reports.

And, employees scramble to make things work. Whether or not that was Musk’s intention all along, it seems the billionaire is willing to make a few exceptions and leave the past behind to improve Twitter’s chances of success. Despite the chaos on the networks, there are still people who want to work at Twitter, and one of them is George Hotz, who has just started his new job on the platform.

Hotz and Musk have some history, so much so that many consider them enemies. George Hotz is a security expert and hacker. Some of his career highlights include jailbreaking iOS and digging into the PlayStation 3, but his rise to fame began in 2015, when he reportedly turned down a multi-million dollar bounty and a job offer. Musk’s job, as reported by The Verge. One might wonder why such a lucrative contract would turn into a dispute, but it does.

To begin with, the job offer never materialized. Many sources report that Hotz said that Musk “kept changing the conditionsand therefore declined the job offer at Tesla. At the time, the 26-year-old hacker and developer claimed his driver assistance systems could outperform Tesla’s struggling Autopilot system. Musk and Tesla disagreed with this claim, so much so that Tesla issued a correction to a Bloomberg article that she didn’t even write herself. In the correction, Tesla said:We believe it is extremely unlikely that a single person or even a small company that does not have extensive engineering validation capability will be able to produce an autonomous driving system that can be deployed on vehicles of production“.

Fix search function

After turning down Musk’s offer to join Tesla, Hotz founded his own company called 7 years later, the startup can be considered a success: it offers a $1,999 driver assistance systems development kit and is compatible with many vehicles, unlike Tesla’s systems. After getting the startup off the ground, Hotz recently announced on his GitHub that he was going to “take a little while” for The hacker therefore has some free time and, despite their previous differences, it looks like Hotz is backing Musk’s idea for Twitter 2.0.

After someone posted the email Musk sent to Twitter employees telling them they either had to pledge to be ‘extremely hardcore’ or leave the company, Hotz showed his approval on Twitter saying:It is the attitude that makes it possible to build incredible things. Let go of all who don’t desire greatness“. He then continued with the following:I’m up for a 12 week internship at Twitter for cost of living in SF“. Although he wasn’t speaking directly to Musk, the billionaire invited him for a chat, and those chats resulted in what Hotz joins the Twitter team for the next 12 weeks.

Hotz announced on Twitter that his job would be to fix the search function — admittedly less brilliant — during the term of his contract. Given that he seems to approve of Musk’s proposed working conditions, which involve 12-hour days and weekend work, he might be able to solve the problem.

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