an impressive demonstration of autonomous driving that could well shade Tesla

The Chinese manufacturer XPeng unveils its own autonomous driving system. Could it dethrone that of Tesla?

While autonomous driving is beginning to become more and more popular, more and more manufacturers want to offer this functionality on their vehicles. This is particularly the case with Tesla, which has equipped its cars with Autopilot for many years. The firm wants to go further with its FSD (Full Self-Driving) system, ensuring 100% autonomous driving and currently in the test phase in the United States.

But Tesla isn’t the only brand working on this feature. This is also the case of the Chinese manufacturer XPeng, which has just unveiled a new teaser on Twitter announcing the imminent launch of its autonomous driving system, called City Navigation Guided Pilot (NGP).

A complete system

In a short four-minute video, XPeng explains how its new system works, which is said to be one of the most advanced in the world today. The images show a brand employee behind the wheel of a car traveling from brand headquarters to downtown Guangzhou for 26 kilometers. If the driver does not intervene, he still keeps his hands close to the steering wheel, for safety reasons.

Join a drive from XPENG HQ to the city center, navigated by our latest smart driver-assistance navigation function, City NGP – in ONE TAKE! #BuiltByXPENG #SmartMobility

—XPENG (@XPengMotors) July 4, 2022

This teaser allows you to see the different features of XPeng’s NGP in action. Indeed, this system is able to manage the distance with other vehicles as well as keeping in the lane, but not only. As the constructor shows, it can also take charge of overtaking and choose the most suitable lane, all completely autonomous. This system also allows the car to avoid obstacles on the road and adjust the speed according to the situation. It can be used on highways as well as in town.

Launch imminent?

To operate and ensure optimum reliability and safety, this autonomous driving system developed by XPeng uses numerous sensors. Cars equipped with NGP will indeed be equipped with two LiDARs, millimeter wave radars, cameras and an IMU (inertial measurement unit). This makes it possible to record a great deal of information, such as altitude, orientation, speed or even the position of the vehicle.

Remember that Tesla wants to succeed in offering autonomous driving without radar or LiDAR, solely based on the cameras positioned around the car. But for now, older Teslas with radar can drive semi-autonomously faster than those without.

It now only remains to wait until the approval of the Chinese authorities for XPeng to offer this system to its customers. For its part, Tesla is currently using beta testers to continue developing its FSD. The Asian firm should also offer this functionality in Europe when it arrives here, while level 3 autonomous driving will be authorized on our roads from July 14. XPeng is not yet present in France but it is already the case for Norway with its P5 and P7.

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