an improved Autopilot, to make people forget autonomous driving at a discount?

In the United States, the manufacturer of Model 3 and other Cybertrucks is completely reviewing its driver assistance options. A change that could be passed on to France?

Is Tesla backtracking on the sacrosanct Autopilot? On the other side of the Atlantic, the firm of Elon Musk has completely revised its proposal for driving aids. To the point of calling into question its promise of autonomous driving? Not really, but Tesla half-acknowledges that the price of its famous FSD option was greatly exaggerated.

Indeed, in France as in the United States, when buying a Tesla, the owner must choose between several levels of driving aids, Autopilot and Fully Autonomous Driving Capability. The price difference between the two is significant. In France, the first is sold for 3,800 euros and the second for 7,500. The difference between the two? The “fully autonomous driving capability”or FSD (Full Self Driving) includes all the features of Autopilot but adds lane keeping, automatic parking, and traffic light and sign recognition. Above all, the FSD is the promise that the Tesla will always update, without paying a penny, until the arrival of autonomous driving. It is this last option, the least visible, which would justify such a prohibitive price (it is 12,000 dollars in the United States).

An improved Autopilot to wait?

However, for several months, the price of the FSD has been regularly questioned by the brand’s customers, particularly in the United States where the improved Autopilot option did not exist. On the American configurator, future buyers only had the choice between a fairly cheap standard Autopilot and the very expensive FSD.

On the side of the observers, the criticisms concerning the price of the FSD are just as numerous. In question ? The absence of radar and lidar, the presence of which would significantly improve performance. Indeed, Tesla’s system is only based on the use of HD cameras, which are cheaper to buy. Ultimately, although the American FSD offers greater possibilities than its French equivalent, it remains an expensive option as long as autonomous driving is only a promise.

To respond to these criticisms, Tesla has therefore created a new offer. A middle ground between Autopilot and FSD. Soberly named Improved Autopilot, it adds some of the features of the FSD to the latter. Intermediate pack customers will benefit from the park-assistautomatic line change, navigation with Autopilot and even the function Summon. This allows you to drive your car in step and especially on your smartphone for a few meters. Its interest: to help park it or make it perform a delicate maneuver without being behind the wheel.

How will these price changes be translated in France? On our side of the Atlantic, the improved Autopilot already exists and includes some of the features that were added to its American version. But it is still devoid of the recognition of traffic lights, traffic signs, for example. And for good reason, we must try to justify the price of the “fully autonomous driving capacity”.

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