An incredible love story between a giant dog taking care of a tiny kitten

Ozzy is a Golden Retriever and Bernese Mountain Dog mix, over 38 kg. Smudge is a kitten of barely 450 grams. As unlikely as it may seem, these two are inseparable. A story that is reminiscent of that of the disneyThe beauty and the Beast“!

A love story that made a splash on social networks

Emithe owner ofOzzywelcomed the little cat Smudge as a host family. Initially, she was worried that her dog might hurt the kitten, not on purpose, but out of clumsiness. The difference in weight was such between the animals that a paw resting on Smudge could have caused him significant pain.

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Emi therefore organized meetings under control, and noted with relief the gentleness and the precautions that Ozzy when interacting with the cat. A little later, she filmed a touching scene and shared the video on the American social network Reddit. In the pictures we see Smudge follow Ozzy on the track, and cling to its paw. The dog then turns around and licks the kitten’s head hard. This video touched a lot of Reddit members.

Ozzy’s sweet character tempers the ball of energy that is Smudge

Emi told Newsweek that at just two years old, Ozzy acted in a very “kindergarten” with the kitten. “I’m not surprised that Ozzy is such a mother hen – he is very emotionally intuitive and loves other animals“, she said.

The young woman is amused to see the difference in character between her two animals. There where Ozzy is soft and relaxed, Smudge is adventurous and fearless. Their temperaments balance each other out wonderfully.

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Emi is tempted to adopt Smudge

In theory, Smudge is only passing through his friend’s house Ozzi. He is in a foster family, the time to grow up a little and find his home for life. But the attachment that is born between the dog and the cat is such thatEmi admits to being tempted to keep it. Members of Reddit tease her by claiming that it is Ozzi himself who adopted the kitten!

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