An original and very relaxing concept: Corbais on water, gastronomy along the water

Once is not custom. This section will not push the door of a “traditional” restaurant. Even if the proposed natural decor is worth all the engravings, gilding or mahogany furniture in the world, it throws some. We take you to an original concept, surprising and, to tell you the truth, very relaxing: Corbais on water.


As its name suggests, you will dine on a barge (16 seats maximum) in the heart of a private quarry. For more than two hours, only the sound of water and a natural waterfall fuels the conversation that you naturally engage with your neighbors.

First, the location. Corbais is located a few kilometers from Wavre and Louvain-la-Neuve in a hidden place in Walloon Brabant. The place called the Three Fountains camouflages itself well at the bend of a field and a narrow street. After meandering down a path and through a short vaulted tunnel, here is your table. Or rather here is the moored barge on which a beautiful table has been set. Before boarding, friendly welcome, explanation of the evening and… aperitif with a good cava and some appetizers prepared by the chef of the day. The one that will enliven your taste buds. When we come, under a generous end-of-day sun where the freshness gently caresses us.

An original and very relaxing concept: Corbais on water, gastronomy along the water

The chef of the day: Valerio Borriero, a rising star who cut his teeth at Sang Sablon and it shows in the preparation of his dishes. A three-course that combines finesse, flavor but also lightness. Let’s face it, we are waiting for the opening of his restaurant to discover the full range of his cuisine.

To accompany the dishes, three wines of various origins with a mini-quiz to dig up the country. Portugal, Italy and France were on the menu with an ideal match. After two hours of drifting, conviviality (16 covers maximum, this leads to inevitable exchanges) and tasting, return to normal life or rather on earth. Already…

Corbais on Water’s next trips are scheduled for August 6th and 7th. Departure at 6.30 p.m. and 9 p.m. (don’t be late because the barge leaves the quay on time…). If you book early, the price is 110 euros per person (130 for the last minutes). Take a look at the Oh Chef website to book but also to discover several concepts as home chef (including starred ones), teambuildings, business meals…

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Irish meat queen of BBQs

An original and very relaxing concept: Corbais on water, gastronomy along the water

It’s BBQ time! A place of conviviality par excellence between friends, family and couples. It is still necessary that the meat which grills is of quality. The Belgian has understood this and has not hesitated to trust Irish meat for years.

It is true that the climate (temperate with 180 days of rain on average per year) and the breeding mainly in outdoor pastures allow the animals to produce meat that is both tasty and tasty. It’s up to you to be the king or queen of the BBQ to prepare lamb chops or teriyaki beef skewers.

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