analysis of trends and trading habits

The European continent, with its mosaic of regulations and its appetite for innovation, is becoming fertile ground for growth cryptocurrency. Bitget Research reveals revealing study about trade trends and shopper’s habits which shapes the cryptocurrency market i Europe.

As DeFi activity picks up and P2P trading appears to be fading, European traders, armed with calculated caution and a thirst for knowledge, are navigating the waves of this changing market. High transaction volumes, distinct regional preferences and the rapid adoption of new technologies such as NFTs and the Solana ecosystem are at the heart ofmarket analysis.

The current crypto trading landscape in Western Europe

The sector of cryptocurrencies in Western Europe is characterized by undeniable dynamism with lively daily trading activity. According to a study by Bitget Research, Europe stands out significantly trading volumes, with 1.5 million active crypto traders every day. This tension is supported by a strong commitment toDeFi activity and careful regulation that ensures a responsible approach to the market. The reverse is P2P trading (Peer-to-Peer) remains relatively marginal, reflecting a preference for more regulated transaction methods.

The region is characterized by a tilt towards robust regulation that promotes healthy and sustainable growth of the crypto market. European users, well informed about the risks, take a measured approach in their investments in cryptocurrencies. This reassuring and structured framework helps to establish an environment that promotes the development of cryptocurrency exchanges and the growth of DeFi initiatives in Western Europe.

The emergence of Austrian and European leaders in Ccrypto

In 2023,Austria surprised the market by posting a staggering 70% growth in the number of traders cryptocurrencies. This spectacular jump is closely followed by Germany with an almost similar increase of 69%. These figures illustrate increasing interest and rapid adoption of cryptos in these nations. The indicators for growth in Austriaas well as those ofGermany and Franceleaders in terms of trading volume, show remarkable enthusiasm for digital currencies.

The significant increase in number of traders in these countries is an encouraging sign for the entire European cryptocurrency ecosystem. These statistics reveal a trend towards the integration of crypto-assets into investment strategies and highlight the growing importance that Western Europe places on this new asset class.

Trading preferences and dominant platforms

Habits know trade varies across Western Europe, with a preponderance of Spot trading in most countries. That said, some like Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands show a propensity for futures trading. When it comes to platforms, a clear preference for CEX (Centralized Exchanges) are observed, where platforms such as Coinbase Wallet and Bitget Wallet are among the most popular wallets. most used.

This orientation towards CEXs, which goes beyond the traffic of DEX (Decentralized Exchanges) by a factor of 10, underlines users’ trust in centralized services, known for their security and ease of use. Regional preferences also reveal cultural and economic characteristics that influence the choice of instruments and trading platforms.

Europeans’ favorite crypto and Web3 projects in sight

Interest in decentralized projects and Web3 is particularly strong in Western Europe. Users actively engage in ecosystems such as Solanaand shows an increasing interest in NFT and other popular assets. The diversity of projects and the richness of the Web3 offer captures a community that is always looking for new products and innovations.

This dynamism is confirmed by the enthusiasm for new cryptocurrencies, especially those related to tales like Ordinals and DePin. The beginning of the year saw sustained attention to these new players in the crypto market, confirming the desire of European traders to diversify their investment portfolios and explore new opportunities.

Profile and Strategy of Cryptocurrency Traders in Europe

The traders of cryptocurrencies in Europe is characterized by a Education Level high and a cautious approach to investments. They favor long-term strategies over quick, speculative gains. Financial prudence is at the heart of their decisions, highlighting a growing maturity and sophistication of European crypto investors.

It is noteworthy that these traders actively participate in community forumsincluding “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) sessions where they share knowledge and perspectives.

“Sharing experiences on forums not only enriches our knowledge, but also strengthens the security and transparency of the crypto community.”

An experienced crypto trader

Projections for the crypto market in Western Europe in 2024

For 2024, Bitget Research expects thatGermany and France will remain at the heart of crypto activity in Western Europe. Interest in on-chain solutions, especially for NFTs, seems to continue its growth. Moreover blockchain games is gaining popularity and promises to expand the spectrum of users even more.

THAT decentralized exchange platforms will adapt to this growing demand for on-chain transactions. THAT crypto wallets, such as Bitget Wallet, are positioning themselves to take advantage of this enthusiasm by offering functionalities integrated into various blockchain ecosystems. This trend marks a remarkable evolution in trading habits and could redefine the cryptocurrency landscape in Western Europe.

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