angry, he deletes his tweet after a legendary ratio

Look no further, the most hated man on the internet this year is none other than Elon Musk. Since the billionaire decided to buy Twitter, the latter has been chaining bad ideas and constantly imagining many (negative) developments for the site. However, rather than listen to Internet users and meet their expectations, the boss of Tesla prefers to ignore them and make fun of them by taking himself for the big boss of social networks.

Latest example that proves to us that it is not useful to have a positive IQ to be CEO? Elon Musk took to his Twitter account this Monday, November 7, 2022 to brag about his online strategy, saying: “What do you call someone who is the master of provocation?“. An ego-trip so ridiculous that it would pass Kylian Mbappé’s melon for a kiwi, and which did not escape Arkunir.

Arkunir puts Elon Musk in the sauce

Also, the twitto with 550,000 subscribers and streamer on Twitch (nearly 40,000 subscribers) – also drunk by Musk’s behavior, simply chose to put it in the sauce in a pleasurable way. How ? He had fun responding to his message with a: “I don’t know, but call me that ratio“.

For those who do not speak the language of Twitter, this action was simply intended to allow Arkunir to prove that he had more power than Elon Musk on Twitter by indirectly asking the…

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