Ansac-sur-Vienne: “The Hope 16” donates 240,000 euros to animals in need

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“The Hope 16” is this grotto of Ali Baba installed since 2016 in La Tulette, town of Ansac-sur-Vienne, in a building of 1,000 m² (former Papot Furniture space) of which the association has become owner.

The association Ansac-sur-Vienne and its two branches in Eymoutiers (87) and Sauzé-Vaussais (79) sell clothing and accessories, fabrics, crockery, furniture, books, etc. at low prices. that is given to them or that the volunteers pick up when they are asked to clean a house. The items are sorted, repaired if necessary and resold two days a week and one Sunday a month, to benefit animal structures in need. The UK grocery department is also a plus to attract customers.

Reopening on January 15

Between 1eh January and December 21, 2023, thanks to the investment of about forty volunteers, mainly British, the association has therefore managed to raise 239,503.97 euros, of which 2,386 euros were paid a few days ago by Lisa and Yvonne, two of the twelve knitters , who make gloves, scarves, hats etc. from donated wool. Their headquarters are year-round at the Chalet du Bois in Champagnac-la-Rivière (87), but on 2e Sunday of the month in Ansac-sur-Vienne, where they sell their work while continuing to handle the needles.

“Don’t drop off donations in front of the store. Until January 14, there is no one to receive them. Volunteers need to take a breather, specifies Anna-Maria Woolford, who will reopen the store, which has become almost too small to display all the donations, exceptionally on Sunday, January 15, then resume its usual opening schedule on Tuesday and Friday from 10 a.m. toe Sunday of the month at the same times.

Structures supported in 2022

Charente: Refuge de l’Angoumois – where Verity Lineham, president of The Hope volunteers –, Cats, Mille Pattes, Charente Nature, SPA Cognac, La Voix des Hirondelles. Charente-Maritime: Miss Marple’s Universe, Apac 17. Dordogne: Twilight (retirement home for dogs), Pirate, Maison des Matochats. Gironde: LPO Aquitaine. Landes: The Chabads. Lot: The Hope of the 4 Legs, APA Lami-Dadi. Maine et Loire: The Raggie Dogs Retreat, Orfee. Deux-Sèvres: Love and animal protection, footprints. Vendée: Galia, Envervejs, Feline for the second. Vienna: SPA Poitiers, orphan cats, Equipaix, Free Cat School, Adoptanimals. Hautes-Pyrénées: Friends of the Animals. Haute-Vienne: SPA Limoges, Big V Animal Sanctuary, LLDA, Elephant Haven.

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