Appellation: plant products can no longer bear the name of foods of animal origin

A true substitute for meat, vegetable protein products will undergo a change from October 1, 2022. Indeed, foods that do not contain meat can no longer be called “steak” or “sausage”.

On October 1, foods made from vegetable proteins will no longer be able to use the designation “sausage”, “bacon” or even “steak”.

A name change

It is following a decree published on Thursday, June 30, that vegetable protein-based products will have to change their name and no longer be called like meat-based foods, from October 1st. A piece of news eagerly awaited by professionals in the animal sectors: “I think it’s a very good thingsays Raoul Nativel, farmer and cattle breeder, because the denominations “steak” or even “saucissse” are directly linked to butcher origins, therefore which do not adapt to what is vegetable“, he explains.

He keeps on : “It is to clarify things especially at the level of consumers and us as breeders, it is to put their thing in their place“. In vegetarian restaurants, the labels are ready to be changed: “It’s true that at first it’s going to be a bit funnysays Loïc Fanfan, manager of VG Kréol, since we are used to giving this or that name, in particular the vegetarian sausage rougail. We’ll just have to change the terminology but beyond that, the dishes don’t change“, he expresses himself. Mai Lan Nguyen, manager of Veggie Colors, adds: “A tempeh burger we don’t call it a tempeh steak burger, we call it a tempeh patty. We don’t make steak, we make patties“, she concludes.

Despite this symbolic change, the unions in the animal sectors still want to bring the decree to the European Commission.


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