Are you a (unknowingly) fan of this new habit of saving money at the supermarket?

Inflation has taken its toll on households in 2023, and the new increases announced for this year could only compound some of their difficulties in coping. In the supermarket, some are currently betting on Trading Down.

If make purchases was until a few years ago a task for some, it has been in the making for several months a real headache for many households. In fact, inflation has caused the average price of the consumer basket to jump in France, especially since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine. So much so that the big distributors themselves have to work together to be able to keep a suitable price, such as Carrefour, which recently decided to remove all PepsiCo brand products from its shelves due to the apparently unsustainable price increase.

The numbers speak for themselves! In December 2023, INSEE provided new figures regarding the increase in prices and reported that they exceeded 12% over one year. A large increase for all households, but even more so for the most modest, despite the previously announced state aid. This is why the practice has evolved significantly and some consumers have decided to use, without knowing it, what is called Trade down.

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What tips to save money?

Trade down, Kesako? It’s very simple and there’s a good chance many of you can relate… Instead of favoring popular brands sold in (almost) all major brands, households are more likely to favor distributor brands. They are generally cheaper despite galloping inflation. According to the international company that analyzes consumer purchases in mass distribution, also called Iri, the increase in purchases for distributor brands such as Marque Repère (E. Leclerc) or Produits U (Système U) is equal to 7.4% when the national brands are in decrease of 3% (2022).

According to the institute, “the increase in prices is such that the French can no longer upgrade their purchases”. It is rumored “there are more first prizes in the baskets, fresh goods and organic products come out”. “The French are even more aware of good offers and favor brands with a strong price image”we also emphasize.

Fortunately, despite the increase in prices, more Tips allow you to make some savings, including listing your purchases before going to supermarkets to avoid impulse purchases, comparing prices carefully before buying, favoring seasonal products and consuming locally, or even reviewing your cooking basics to avoid food waste. It’s up to you !


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