Ariège: in Foix, restaurants are always full in August

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While festivals and events follow one another in the city, the big winners of these holidays are the restaurateurs who fill their terraces more and more easily.

In the rue de la Faurie at around 11 a.m. this Friday, August 5, the set-ups followed one another at high speed. Even if the weather was not conducive to unfolding the parasols, the many tables on which the “reserved” signs were placed suggested that the lunch service was going to be sporty. And that’s a good thing for the dozens of restaurant owners in the county city.

After a somewhat slack period in July, the month of August sounds the hour of the big catch-up. This was noted by one of the Guarana waitresses. For her, it was time for the season to return to normal. “The month of June was not too bad. July on the other hand, it was more complicated because of the Tour de France, a lot of car parks were closed, people took 45 minutes to enter Foix because of the works… We can say that it did not really encourage people to move at the restaurant. Also, I think the crisis and inflation had a real impact. Prices were really high and customers paid more attention. »

As she was preparing to serve more than 70 people this afternoon, the young woman put things into perspective by saying that in August, “vacationers and tourists are back”.

“Mercury will have a strong impact on attendance”

For Julien Vertigo, owner of the restaurant of the same name, “August promises to be a continuation of July, good”. For him, “no question of complaining”. To respond to the increase in attendance at his establishment, the boss even hired two people.

Far from being fooled, the business manager knows that “the mercury will have a strong impact on attendance”. But for him no difficulty, his restaurant is equipped with air conditioning.

A few meters further on, the famous mussels and fries from La table du Léo are served during the staff meal. Morgane and Maya, two of the waitresses admit it, the presence of festival-goers in the county city has been good for their activity. Maya remarks: “We have seen an increase in attendance since last Monday. Before that, there was a Jazz effect and there, I think a visit to the castle effect which is not to be trivialised. Customers are mostly Spanish or Breton tourists. »

Morgane, the manager of the room, adds: “We will still have between 70 and 80 covers this afternoon, which is not bad. Anyway, on mussels and burger days, the room is full (laughs). »

Constraint of a city on a human scale like Foix when tourists flock, they expect to be able to eat late. Morgane continues: “I think that in the summer, a continuous service would work well. With the Spaniards who are used to eating late and the tourists who do not see the time during their walk, customers arrive at 2 p.m. But we are forced to redirect them to the creperie further away, that’s how it is…”

Attractive prices, especially at lunchtime

Sitting at a table at Leo, a couple from Tarn-et-Garonnais admits having a good time. “In addition to eating well, I saw that I’m not going to leave a minimum wage there,” jokes Yves, looking at his partner. 14 euros starter, main course, dessert, it’s really reasonable and it gives a little taste of coming back. »

Strolling down the street and letting your ears trail, the incessant ringing of the telephone suggests that the Grilladou will be doing a great service tomorrow evening as well. A good omen for these merchants who have gone through many hardships over the past two years and who are finally finding the pleasure of working normally.

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